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The Strategic Instruction Model™ is a comprehensive, evidence-based adolescent literacy program that empowers teachers and enables students to better succeed in school and beyond.


Why SIM?

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  • SIM provides students with tools to solve problems independently.
  • SIM emphasizes teaching routines that allow teachers to organize and present curriculum content in straightforward, easy-to-learn ways.

Our research confirms that quality teaching materials greatly enhance teachers’ ability to provide quality instruction in their classrooms. Our long-standing commitment to and investment in developing these instructional supports—teacher manuals, student learning sheets, scoring rubrics, and technology supports—underscore the importance we place on this aspect of our work.  For more than 40 years, we have worked directly with classroom teachers to develop materials that improve the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for teachers. As a result, we have the research, success stories, and the proven track record to help school succeed in meeting the needs of their students.


Comments from Educators

~ SIM has opened up a whole new world for me as a teacher and as a professional.  Xtreme Reading was my introduction to SIM, and after I saw the impact of the program on students in my room, I knew I wanted to share Xtreme and SIM with others...I have learned so much in the last two years.  I would venture to say that I've learned more through the SIM PD than any other PD I've ever attended.

~ I enjoy the simplicity of implementing. Unlike other professional development that is not immediately applicable, I can come back from training and immediately begin using the strategy with my kids.

~ We are using the Framing Routine and have noticed a great improvement in our student notes because of it.

~ I find that the strategies are extremely successful and that students do begin to take personal responsibility for the quality of their schoolwork as a result of implementing the strategies.

~ I find the SIM materials to be especially beneficial for my students with specific learning disabilities and other low achieving students.

~ I love how versatile the each strategy is and how you can connect one strategy to the next.  These strategies really have the power to transform classrooms---from the teachers to the students...I am excited to see where this journey takes me, teachers, and students!

SIM News


August, 2019 - KUCRL will team with KU School of Education researchers on a grant to develop and test a new model designed to help students determine and achieve their educational and life goals using Possible-Selves and Self-Determination

July, 2019 - Dr. Elizabeth Gibbs (NC) is this year's SIM Leadership Award Honoree

May, 2019 - PAULA LANCASTER to keynote SIMposium, July 16-18, 2019

April, 2019 - KUCRL welcomes new Director of Professional Development

March, 2019 - Project to pilot tools to meet STEM learning goals in California classrooms

A new manual to help students and teachers think about issues that may have more than one option or way to respond.  Identify an issue and possible options that could be used to respond to the issue.  Students learn to clearly state the issue, explore possible options, understand necessary background knowledge about the issue, identify and analyze reasons to support each option, evaluate, judge and rank each option, propoes compromises or alternatives and come to a decision, explainng the reasoning that led to that decision. More information

A new report adds two Strategic Instruction Model™ reading programs to an influential national database of education interventions that have been proven effective in the classroom. The report found that Xtreme Reading and SIM Learning Strategies Curriculum, separately, have shown evidence of—in the parlance of the Institute of Education Sciences’ What Works Clearinghouse—“potentially positive effects” on reading achievement for struggling adolescent readers. The WWC rating means at least one study of each program reported statistically significant positive effects. In both cases, the level of evidence met criteria to allow the programs to be included in the What Works Clearinghouse, a first for both interventions. Learn More...



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