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Star Writer Program: Fundamentals in Theme Writing

Link to more information Star Writer Proficiency in Theme Writing CDThe Star Writer Program: Fundamentals in Theme Writing CD

Author: Jean B. Schumaker

Publication Info: This product is published by Edge Enterprises, Inc.  Professional development is recommended, see the SIM Event list for sessions.

Do your students’ eyes glaze over at the mention of the word “theme”? Maybe their eyes will light up when they see this software program because it can give them a motivational boost while teaching them how to write basic themes.

This software program contains lessons that build a theme from start to finish. Students begin by learning how to write an Introductory Paragraph. Next, they learn how to write Detail Paragraphs, and finally to write Concluding Paragraphs. Along the way, they learn how to think about and organize information for each paragraph on a digital TOWER Diagram. In each lesson, they see example paragraphs. They also practice writing key sentences and then each new type of paragraph. The interactive multimedia program has narration and activities built within a space odyssey plot. Students can print out notes and handouts throughout the program if their computer is connected to a printer. Teachers score and provide feedback for student practice attempts. Folders of printable materials and an instructor’s guide are also included on the CD. With purchase of each CD is a license to download it onto eight computers.

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