Addressing the needs of all learners

These Are Their Stories

CRL began as an organization focused on struggling adolescent learners in secondary schools. In large measure, and to our professional satisfaction, that is still what we do today. These stories capture a sense of the broad array of challenges we have met head-on through our development of the Strategic Instruction Model® and related research.

Jarquise Wallace's Student Success: Decoding skills leap six grade levels using the Word Identification Strategy

Katelyn Hagen's Teaching Success: Xtreme Reading in North Carolina

Swain County Middle School Success: Rural school's Dream Team initiates big change with Xtreme Reading

Jessica Milton's Teaching Success: A journey from memorization to understanding multiplication and division with the Strategic Math Series Multiplication Facts 0-81 and Division Facts 0-81

Student Matt Gauer's Story of sweet success

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School Success: 30 Years with SIM

The first SIM Profile School: Laura Belle Wallace Middle School in Kyle, Texas.

Striving Readers Grant Success: Greetings from Wolf Point, Montana and Three components for SIM success at Montana high school

Shana Paterson's student success: The Sentence Writing and Paragraph Writing Strategies: "A million reasons"

James Madison University, the Virginia Department of Education and SIM work together for student success

Speech Language Pathologist Susan Trumbo's SIM Tools of the Trade

Gina Bruhn and Stuart Zizzo's Student Success

Sabrina Saleh is on her way to nursing school

Katherine Green and Larissa Bell teaching success: SIM Writing Strategies with advanced students in accelerated courses

Jennifer Hunter teaching success: Using the Theme Writing Strategy with gifted students

Student success in Florida, LINCS Vocabulary Strategy, Word Mapping Strategy and Self Questioning Strategy

Cooperative Thinking Strategies in Glastonbury Connecticut public schools

SIM sustainability and spread in Hays, Texas

Crafting an online course with Content Enhancement

Support of SIM at Mashburn Institute in Arkansas

Student success in Florida: SIM Learning Strategies helped turn a career goal in to reality

SIM in Florida since 1985!

When Stephen Hanson was a teenager, SIM Learning Strategies transformed his life. As an adult, Hanson teaches strategies to students in the same middle school he once attended.

AP Calculus students at Riverbank High School in California like the Framing Routine for the organization it brings to their notes and for the way it helps them grasp difficult concepts in class.

Until she was introduced to SIM, a Virginia teacher thought that all she had to offer students were short-term fixes. Now, she feels empowered, confident, and more accomplished, and her students are models of the long-term benefits associated with SIM.

At Riverbank High School in California, scores on state competency tests rose more than 50 points in the first two years alone after the school adopted an extensive literacy improvement program based on SIM.

Cabot Middle School North was named an Arkansas Diamond School to Watch in 2008, and the Strategic Instruction Model sparkled as one of the school's areas of academic excellence.

Students who completed Muskegon High School's reading comprehension course, which consisted of four SIM strategies, performed better on the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test at the end of the year than their peers at a comparison school.



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