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Paragraph Writing Strategy

Author(s): Jean B Schumaker, Karen D. Lyerla

Publication Info: University of Kansas, 1991 (revised 1993)

With the Paragraph Writing Strategy, students learn to list ideas related to a topic; plan the point of view and verb tense to be used in the paragraph; plan the sequence in which ideas will be expressed; and write a variety of topic, detail, and clincher sentences.

Research has shown that students who master the Paragraph Writing Strategy consistently produce written pieces that contain topic, detail, and clincher sentences. Their sentences are written with a consistent point of view, tense is consistent, ideas are logically sequenced, and they include appropriate transitions between ideas.

The Paragraph Writing Strategy Research

This product is available only through professional development sessions conducted by a certified SIM Professional Developer. See the SIM Classes page for more information.

Research Articles

  • Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D. (2003). Can students with LD become competent writers? Learning Disability Quarterly, 26(2), 129-141. This article summarizes a programmatic line of R&D work that has focused on learning strategies instruction as a method for improving the writing performance of students with disabilities within the context of the general education curriculum as well as on district- and state-wide writing assessments.

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