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Subtraction with Regrouping

Would you like to prevent temper tantrums, noncompliance related to work completion, ripped up papers, and other behavioral issues as students attempt to solve subtraction problems that require regrouping? If so, provide a structured approach to teaching this skill that promotes student success and self-confidence. The approach in the Subtraction With Regrouping program emphasizes a gradual progression through concrete, representational, and abstract lessons and promotes a deep level of understanding related to the regrouping process. Base-ten blocks and drawings are used to provide models that ensure student understanding.

Clever strategies are used to facilitate memory of important steps to follow when solving these challenging problems. Emphasis is placed on helping students determine whether or not regrouping is required.

A graduated word-problem sequence prevents fear and frustration and promotes accurate performance when attacking word problems that require regrouping. Finally, students will become fluent with subtraction problems as a result of motivational timings and games using Pig Game Sheets and “pig dice” that accompany the manual. Get ready to watch students master this skill with smiles on their faces!

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