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The Word Identification Strategy

The Word Identification Strategy provides a functional and efficient strategy to help challenged readers successfully decode and identify unknown words in their reading materials. The strategy is based on the premise that most words in the English language can be pronounced by identifying prefixes, suffixes, and stems and by following three short syllabication rules.

In a research study, students made an average of 20 errors in a passage of 400 words before learning this strategy. Having learned the Word Identification Strategy, students reduced their errors to an average of three per 400 words. Reading comprehension increased from 40 percent on the pretest to 70 percent on grade-level passages.

Research Information for The Word Identification Strategy

Note: The 2016 Printing of The Word Identification Strategy contains errors on pages 94 and 95. Please download these corrected pages: Page 94, Page 95

Author(s): B. Keith Lenz, Jean B. Schumaker, Donald D. Deshler, and Victoria L. Beals

Publication Info: University of Kansas, 1996

There are multiple products associated with this strategy. The manual is available through the KUCRL Shop.  Other materials are published by Edge Enterprises, Inc.  Professional development is recommended, see the SIM Event list for sessions.

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